Sunday, July 8, 2012


After being on hiatus, I'm back with a wonderful tip and best kept secret for thoses hot summer nights. I'm talking about SUGARLIPSAPPAREL.COM With amazing garmets, I'm going to start by indroducing you to one of my fav's.
Called "The Times Square Dress" it is flattering, chic and super light.
Notice how the dress has a sexy open up top and a beautiful mermaid dip on the bottom. The front is eye poping with color blocking colors and an awesome silhouete.
This dress is also super easy to style. It's already such a great piece that you don't need to fuss much, YOU can wear it with high heel or comfy flats, a beautiful head piece(like our model Eve June did) and a simple yet elegant necklace :) TILL NEXT TIME FASHION LOVERS =] STAY TUNED

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