Friday, March 25, 2011

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin ... my new obssesion

As I was flipping thru this months magazines I could not help myself always finding LANVIN. Being curious and intrigued, I started to research Alber Elaz and his sensibility, creativity and amazing ability to use his skills in drapping.I was mesmerized by his spring 2011 collection. Strong ,feminime and modern; Elbaz had originally designed incridibly high shoes for his spring collection but after seeing the models fall one after the other made a bold decision to have them wear flats .

"I wanted models to stride down the runway with real power. But when one after the other stumbled, I could see fear in their faces. So I told them to wear flats. And all of a sudden , everything looked right..Women are powerful;their strength is internal. They need a wardrobe that lets them be themselves instend of what a designer thinks they should be."

"Fashion is instintive and sensual. Learn to love what you
wear. It should feel like eating chocolates .. without the calories."... I love this man

"Fashion isn't an intellectual excercise , its about creating something desirable." Thats the philosophy that has made the Lanvin designer so beloved.
Taking a high-fashion approach to lower-priced clothing is the mentality lanvin took to colaborate for H&M
"Nothing is more appealing then someone who embaces her maturity." The designer has a key eye to dress any age.

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