Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scaasi - american couturier

I recently went to the Scaasi show at the MFA in Boston and was completly mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of the lady-like designs and the breath taking peices!
Arnold Scaasi designed and made clothes for some of America's most talented and famous women from Sophia Loren to Joan Rivers. Even Barbara Bush got a hold of some of his unique pieces!
a drawing of Arnald Scaasi..
The silver dress with red coat was created for the broadway actress and television star Arlene Francis to wear in the climactic Once more,with feeling.The bubble-skirted dress show-cases Scaasi's ability to display his fabric choice to maximum effect while still emplying intricate drapping and pleating.
This gorgeous black dress is completly covered in small silk bows and was worn by Natalie Wood ,who called it "the sexiest dress in the world".
In 1974, Scaasi incorporated innovative embroidered and appliqued fabrics into his collection. This is a great exemple of how the designer continued to produce his tradmark emsembles even as his silhouettes and hemlines changed with the times
Scaasi wanted to create a youthful ensemble for the 23 yr old
Barbara Streisand to wear to the 1969 academy awards . The pantsuit, which Barbara called it "kind of nutty", became one of the events most infamous ensembles appearing transparent when the glare from hundreds of flashbulbs hit it.
This unique ensemble was worn by Gayfryd Steinberg and also ordered by Elizabeth Taylor. The designer fused small metallic "stickers" to the silk to give it a shimmer and allow the petals to become stiff , giving the gown a feathery texual apperance .

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