Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion trend for spring 2011 - Color Block

Last night I read a British blog sent by a good friend of mine that I wanted to share with my fellow tinytoppers. It's a trend that has hit spring 2011 with a bang called color/colour block.
Color Block or Colour Block(British spelling) is the term used when one puts two or more blocks of different solid colors next to each other. Clothing, makeup and accesories including shoes, jelewry and handbags can all feature color block design.
The effect can be built from neon bright or muted colors and by contrasting or complimentary colors as seen at Jil Sander, above.
This trend is also very useful in "hiding your figure flaw". A darker column of color down the torso will have a slimming effect. The color block look then easily can be created by paring a brightly colored jacket, blouse or cardigan worn open.
Don't be shy to experiment , but be aware of fashion common sense. If opting for a color blocking bag, go easy on the shoes and clothes in order not to take away from the beauty of the bag.
And remember : HAVE FUN ..

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